Resato Traineeship

Do you want to contribute to the energy transition? At Resato Hydrogen Technology, we are building hydrogen filling stations and we could really use your talent! We therefore offer a unique traineeship that prepares you for a career in the world of hydrogen where you can really make a difference. Develop yourself into a professional in the energy transition with our extensive and intensive traineeship.

About the Traineeship

Four Assignments in One Year

Our traineeship consists of four assignments of three months each, spread across different departments within our organisation. This gives you a broad insight into our business processes and the various aspects of energy transition.

Personal and Professional Development

We are looking for talents who:
  • Have new ideas and be able to apply them creatively.
  • Be able to develop new approaches from existing ways of working.
  • Daring to take the lead when necessary.

Daring to take the lead when necessary.
During the traineeship at Resato, you will work with different teams on challenging projects that will enhance your practical experience and prepare you for a successful career. During one year, you will carry out four assignments of approximately three months in different departments within our organisation.

Introductory period week 1

  • Welcome meeting and introduction to the company.
  • Meeting with colleagues and tour of the company.
  • Training in basic safety, company culture and introduction to the different departments.

12 months rotation program

Marketing bij Resato Hydrogen Technology
Month 1-3
Technology & Operations 

Involvement in new projects, R&D procedures and innovation processes.

Month 4-6
Technology & Operations

Understanding production processes, quality control and logistics.

Month 7-9
Support & Control

Customer contact, after-sales service, problem solving, project management, finance.

Month 10-12
Customers & Markets

Customer relations, market analysis, sales strategies and marketing campaigns.

Specialization period (3-6 months)

  • Choose a department to specialise in further.
  • Work on in-depth projects and take on responsibilities within your chosen department.
  • Guidance from a mentor.

Are you ready for the challenge?
At Resato, we believe in the potential of young talents to shape the energy transition. Therefore, we are looking for talented candidates with a business or technical background who have the ambition to kick-start their career with our traineeship.

Selection process

  1. Apply online via the traineeship vacancy on this website
  2. Reserve 17 July in your agenda for our assessment morning
  3. After your application, we will contact you for an intake by telephone
  4. We will preselect all participants
  5. No later than 12 July you will hear whether you have been selected for our assessment morning

Are you selected? Then you will hear how you can best prepare for the assessment. Apply immediately and win your traineeship on Wednesday 17 July! Good luck!