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Culture at Resato

We are engineers by nature, with the ambition and mentality of a company that operates globally.

Our culture is shaped by a vibrant team of more than 140 colleagues including developers, mechanics and engineers.

Cultuur bij Resato

Every month, we warmly welcome new pioneers who join us on our journey towards a sustainable future.

At Resato, we embrace five core values that form the foundation of our business: Be passionate, Team up, Yes! We can, Be ambitious, and Work reliably. These values reflect our commitment to excellence, cooperation, optimism, ambition, and reliability in everything we do.

Together with you, we want to shape your unique career in a way that suits you. We encourage you to follow your passions and develop yourself through training and education. Together, we strive for personal growth and contribute to a more sustainable world.

At Resato, it's not just about work; we also hang out with each other outside working hours.

Resato Hydrogen Technology lasergamen

Various activities and events are organised from Resato, such as the Christmas party, Sinterklaas or the summer party. Colleagues organise sports initiatives among themselves, such as paddle tennis and a Strava group from which fun competitions arise.

In addition, the staff association organises various outings and events, such as karting and LAN parties. There is also plenty to do during breaks, such as F1 race simulators, table tennis tables, a billiard table and a dart board. It’s always vibrant and fun here!

We aim for a future where hydrogen plays an essential role in the energy transition.

We want to promote the hydrogen economy by offering innovative refueling solutions and expanding hydrogen infrastructure. The aim is to enable a sustainable future in which hydrogen is an indispensable source of energy.

We want to build reliable refueling stations, encourage emission-free mobility and strive for reliability and efficiency.

Our goal is to have thousand refueling stations by 2030 so that we can really make a difference.

Cultuur bij Resato

Experience our core values in every interaction at Resato

Passion, teamwork, a can-do mentality, ambition and reliability drive everything we do. These values are not only part of our corporate culture; they are deeply woven into our company’s DNA and are at the heart of all our activities.

Cultuur bij Resato

Experience our core values in every interaction